I'm SO happy to see you here!

In this series of videos I invite you to join me in making an adorable needle felt sleeping dog from start to finish, with me instructing you exactly how I do it every step of the way.

There are no secrets here!

In each video I’m right there with you telling you what to do and guiding you step by step as we make a model of a Border Terrier together – which you can adapt to whatever breed of dog you like. You can also download the photos of the final model for guidance.

Just so that you are clear, this series of tutorials is for you if:

  • You are a complete beginner and are looking for a comprehensive and detailed series of tutorials that don’t keep the juicy tips of 'how to' a secret from you!

  • You have ever wondered how I get the tricky and hard to achieve but much loved character into your very own felt dog models.

  • You LOVE making needle felt dogs and are looking to take your work to the next level

  • You have always wanted to attend one of my dog workshops, but live too far away

  • Plus lots of other reasons this is for you!

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned needle felt artist, I am here to help.  It’s not difficult when you know how, and this series is full of my own tips and experience of YEARS of making detailed and lifelike needle felt dogs by commission that I want to share with you!

  • Here’s your chance to find out how I tackle 3D wire work in a REALLY EASY way so that your model can be positioned with confidence and will be sturdy and strong.

  • Listen as I talk about body shaping and how to get a realistic shape to your model – what to do and what to avoid

  • How to add ADORABLE character to faces

  • Advice on choosing colours and layering wools to get the perfect mix and professional look to your work

  • Advice on needles and what to use when

  • Basically me talking you through EVERY STEP of my process so that you can complete your own model with confidence and be SUPER HAPPY with the result!

I won’t lie – this a long series of around FOUR HOURS of needle felting, but this is a time consuming craft and it’s worth EVERY minute.  

To make this easier for you,  I’ve broken the whole project up into manageable chunks for you to follow, and you can stop and start whenever you like. Additionally each chapter is labelled so you know exactly what to expect so you won't forget where you got to if you take a break.  

These videos are here for you to enjoy and also help you get ahead and progress with this fantastic craft!

Happy Felting!

Sophie x

Sophie Wheatley

All Things Felt & Beautiful


  1. 01
  2. 02
    • Video 1 - It's all about the wire - we'll be shaping and covering wire with an easy technique

  3. 03
    • Video 2 - Shaping the basic head and upper body

  4. 04
    • Video 3 - How to easily add wired front legs

  5. 05
    • Video 4 - In this video we'll be positioning the front legs, while continuing to add shape to the head and upper body

  6. 06
    • Video 5 - I'll show you how to easily bend and attach back legs to your model in this video

  7. 07
    • Video 6 - Simple ears can really help you to gain perspective of your model at this stage, and in this lesson I show you how to make and add them

  8. 08
    • Video 7 - Starting to add colour to the body of our white core model which will really help bring it to life

    • Video 8 - Adding colour to your models back legs

    • Video 9 - Adding colour to the front legs

    • Video 10 - Adding colour to the head

  9. 09
    • Video 11 - Adding final ears to your model part I

    • Video 12 - Adding final ears to your model part II

  10. 10
    • Video 13 - Adding some great details to your models face

  11. 11
    • Video 14 - Nearing the end, this video is all about how to finesse your project and make it just right!


Over 4 hours of me telling you what to do!