Here's what to expect...

I'm SO happy to see you here!

In this set of videos I’ll guide you in making a realistic looking needle felt sitting dog that you are going to be SO PROUD of.

Join me as I take you through every part of the making of this model step by step. I’ll talk you through exactly what I’m doing, the videos are not too long either and each chapter is broken down into easy manageable parts.

Great for when you want to take a break so you can pick up easily where you left off.

There are no secrets here!

It’s not difficult when you know how. And this course is full of my own tips and experience of YEARS of making detailed and lifelike needle felt dogs for happy customers – and now it’s my turn to share that with you!

Just so that you are clear, this series of tutorials is for you if you:

  • Are a beginner or have some experience and are looking for a comprehensive and detailed series of tutorials that don’t keep the juicy tips of 'how to' a secret from you!

  • Have ever wondered how I get the tricky and hard to achieve but much loved character into your very own felt dog models.

  • LOVE making needle felt dogs and are looking to take your work to the next level

  • Have always wanted to attend one of my dog workshops, but live too far away

  • Secretly think it’s WAY TOO SOON to try anything as complicated as a dog!

BUT let me just say that it’s never too soon to learn the advanced techniques which you might be putting off.

I’m going to show you how to do everything from start to finish, so that you can learn skills that’ll help you progress your felting to the next level.

Just FYI - while this is a model of a spaniel, you can easily adapt it to make whatever breed you like.

Don’t forget that it’s the techniques in these videos that will help you progress.

And once you have this course – you can download it to keep forever and when you want to progress to a different breed you can follow along and adapt it as you need.

This is what Jane from Bradford says about my tutorials

“The tutorials are fantastic- I feel confident that I can move my needle felting on, having been a keen but not always competent felter for 2 years!”

What you’ll learn

  • How I tackle 3D wire work in a REALLY EASY way so that your model can be positioned with confidence and will be sturdy and strong.

  • Learn the basics about body shaping, proportion and how to get a realistic shape to your model – what to do and what to avoid.

  • How to add realistic character to your dogs faces, with eyebrows, cheeks and making sure it’s head’s the right shape.

  • Advice on choosing colours and making hair plugs out of wool to get the perfect longer look fur and professional look to      your work.

  • Basically me talking you through EVERY STEP of my      process so that you can complete your own model with confidence and be SUPER HAPPY with the result!

This is my longest course to date – and is a juicy SIX hours long!

But don’t let that put you off because the course is broken down into chapters and videos so you can keep track of where you are!

It’s worth EVERY minute – (even the part when my dog starts barking half way through one of the videos!)

And I encourage you to take plenty of breaks! You can even do just a little bit each day because it’s that straight forward to follow.

These videos are here for you to enjoy and also help you get ahead and progress with this fantastic craft!

Happy Felting!

Sophie x

Sophie Wheatley

All Things Felt & Beautiful


Ready to get felting?

  1. 01
    • A list of tools and wools used in the tutorial

    • Reference photos

    • Privacy policy

    • Terms and conditions

  2. 02
    • Video 1. How to bend a wire to the body shape you want

    • Video 2. How to felt around your wire shape

  3. 03
    • Video 3 - How to add wool to shape your models body

    • Video 4. How to add steel shot to weight your model

  4. 04
    • Video 5. How to add wool and create a pose-able and realistic head shape

  5. 05
    • Video 6. How to attach wired front legs and cover with wool

    • Video 7. How to attach wired back legs and cover with wool

  6. 06
    • Video 8. Taking the time to add realistic shape before you go any further

  7. 07
    • Video 9. How to make hair plugs for a shaggy coat effect

    • Video 10. Preparing hair plugs in advance

    • Video 11. Attaching large areas of hair plugs

    • Video 12. A short video showing you a different technique of adding longer fur

    • Video 13. How to add natural looking wavy chest fur to your model

  8. 08
    • Video 14. Adding a top coat to the front and back legs of your model

    • Video 15. Adding feathers to your models legs

    • Video 16. How to add quick and simple spots

  9. 09
    • Video 17. How to add long fibres to create a wavy tail part 1

    • Video 18. How to add long fibres to create a wavy tail part 2

  10. 10
    • Video 19. Adding base colour to your models head part 1

    • Video 20. Adding base colour to your models head part 2

    • Video 21. Filling in patchy areas

    • Video 22. Filling in patchy areas continued

  11. 11
    • Video 23. An easy technique to give your model a soft floppy neck

  12. 12
    • Video 24. Adding a nose, markings and highlighting the dogs mouth

  13. 13
    • Video 25. A quick and easy way to add natural looking paw pads

  14. 14
    • Video 26. Adding a little texture to the top of your models head before I add the ears

    • Video 27. How to make long textured ears from start to finish

  15. 15
    • Video 28. How to fill in the eye socket, add colour and realism to your models eyes

  16. 16
    • Video 29. A final look at your model showing you how I finesse and finish my models


A fantastic SIX HOURS of detailed felt work for a fab price!