What's in the book?

This book is written for you if you've been longing to make a start on your dog's portrait but don't know where to begin. It's everything I wish I’d known when starting my own dog’s needle felted portrait.

  • A detailed look at all the equipment you need to get started with photos to illustrate

  • The importance of choosing a great photo – so you can avoid any slip-ups early on and get started on your portrait without worrying you can't do it.

  • Everything wool that you need to know – what wools to buy, how to match your wool colours to your portrait and where to put them in your portrait

  • How to transfer your picture – so you don’t have to worry about not being able to draw

  • Two techniques that mean you'll be able to make any breed, mix breed or fur type.

  • How to tackle eyes and noses with ease illustrated with clear photos

  • How to troubleshoot your portrait so that you can make changes as you go and don’t get to the end with any glaring mistakes

  • How to frame your masterpiece to hang pride of place

  • Needle felting suppliers list

The Beginners Guide To Needle Felting Your Dog's Portrait

Learn to make YOUR dog's beautiful portrait

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