It's time to go Schnauzer

I can’t wait for you to get started on this FANTASTIC model!

This is the DOOZY of all needle felt dog models in this series of felt dogs and I’m going to show you exactly how to make it – step by step, no unnecessary fluff [pun ABSOLUTELY intended], just honest tips and plenty of ‘how to’ from me. 

Why a Schnauzer? 

Because who doesn't loves a Schnauzer? 

It’s a go to dog in my needle felting workshops because there’s just so much character that you can add and great techniques that take your needle felting to the next level.

A few reasons you should be hot footing it to the BUY NOW button. 

  • it’s big
  • it’s hairy
  • it’s weighted 
  • It’s detailed 
  • It’s skilful
  • It's adorable 
  • It's so realistic!

You’ll end up with a model that you’re SO happy with, SO professional, that heck you might just take it up as a full time profession (it's not a bad job to have)

When you felt along with me. I’ll show you EVERY little felting move I know. 

Nothing is kept from you and you’ll be learning on the job – so even if you’re new to felting you just need to do what I do.

There are no expectations of experience or skill. This is the same stuff I teach people in person who come to my own workshops  - all it needs is patience and the ability to follow what I do.

Each chapter is broken down into easy manageable videos.

NEVER MORE than 20 minutes long. Because you’re going to need to be taking regular breaks which is good for your shoulders, arms and neck (I mention this quite a bit!) and you can pick up easily where you left off. 

There are no secrets here!

It’s not difficult when you know how. And this course is full of my own tips and experience of YEARS of making detailed and lifelike needle felt dogs for happy customers – and now it’s my turn to share that with you!

Just so that we are on the same page ...


  • Are a beginner or have some experience and are looking for a comprehensive and detailed series of tutorials that don’t keep the juicy tips of 'how to' a secret from you!
  • Have ever wondered how I get the tricky and hard to achieve but much loved character into your very own felt dog models.
  • LOVE making needle felt dogs and are looking to take your work to the next level.
  • Have always wanted to attend one of my dog workshops, but live too far away
  • Secretly think it’s WAY TOO SOON to try anything as complicated as a dog!

 It’s never too soon to learn the advanced techniques which you might be putting off.

I’m going to show you how to do everything from start to finish, so that you can learn skills that’ll help you progress your felting to the next level.

Just FYI - while this is a model of a Schnauzer you can easily adapt it to make whatever breed you like. It would translate well into lots of other breeds.

Don’t forget that it’s the techniques in these videos that will help you progress.

And once you have this course – you can download it to keep forever and when you want to progress to a different breed you can follow along and adapt it as you need.


This is what Elaine from Worcester says about my tutorials 

“The tutorials are so great and easy to follow - it's like having Sophie sat next to me! My ability has improved so much and I am confident to tackle much more adventurous projects now" 

Thanks Elaine!


  • How I tackle 3D wire work in a REALLY EASY way so that your model can be positioned with confidence and will be sturdy and strong.
  • Learn the basics about body shaping, proportion and how to get a realistic shape to your model – what to do and what to avoid.
  • How to add realistic character to your dogs faces, with eyebrows, cheeks and making sure it’s head’s the right shape.
  • Advice on choosing colours and making hair plugs out of wool to get the perfect longer look fur and professional look to your work.
  • Basically me talking you through EVERY STEP of my process so that you can complete your own model with confidence and be SUPER HAPPY with the result!

I’m not going to lie. This is an investment of your time. 

For the love of Schnauzers - it's TEN hours long! 

But don’t let that put you off because of the way it’s broken down it’s easy to follow and won’t feel like a slog if you approach it in a sensible way (ie don’t try and do it one sitting).

But it’s worth EVERY minute – even the bit when during the ear video a kids party in the house next door spills out into the street – YES it IS as noisy as you can imagine – but I soldier on! And fortunately it’s only short lived.

So with all that said, and if I haven’t put you off completely yet then it’s time to step up and make this great model. 

If you're ready to start making dogs like a pro - then do't wait any longer. 

I'll see you on the inside.

Happy Felting!


Sophie Wheatley

All Things Felt & Beautiful

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This is a place where you can share your work, get help from me directly and also the hundreds of other felt artists from around the world! 

I'd love to see you there!


Are you ready to felt?

  • 01
    Show details
  • 02
    Let's get you prepped!
    Show details
  • 03
    Shaping the body
    Show details
    • Video 1: Bend and cover the first body wire
    • Video 2: Add wool to shape the body
    • Video 3: Add weight to the body
    • Video 4: Final core body shaping
  • 04
    Attaching legs
    Show details
    • Video 5: Attaching wire for the front legs
    • Video 6: Covering the wire front legs with wool
    • Video 7: Attaching the back legs & covering
    • Video 8: A quick shape up! Adding wool to shape the body
  • 05
    Starting the head
    Show details
    • Video 9: Starting on the head
    • Video 10: Adding shape to the head and face
    • Video 11: Basic Ears
  • 06
    Body shaping
    Show details
    • Video 12: Neck shaping
    • Video 13: Making a tail
  • 07
    Top coat
    Show details
    • Video 14: The coloured wools we'll be using
  • 08
    Adding fur to the head and face
    Show details
    • Video 15: Adding coloured wool to the head
    • Video 16: Face detail Part 1
    • Video 17: Face detail Part 2
    • Video 18: Face detail Part 3
  • 09
    Adding a beard
    Show details
    • Video 19: Adding the beard
    • Video 20: Beard detail Part 1
    • Video 21: Beard detail Part 2
  • 10
    Adding colour to the ears
    Show details
    • Video 22: Colouring in the ears Part 1
    • Video 23: Colouring the ears Part 2
  • 11
    Adding fur to the body PART 1
    Show details
    • Video 24: Covering the body: the back (part 1)
    • Video 25: Covering the body: the tummy
    • Video 26: Covering the body: back legs
  • 12
    Hairy legs & tail
    Show details
    • Video 27: Front legs Part 1
    • Video 28: Front legs Part 2
    • Video 29: Front legs Part 3
    • Video 30: Adding colour to the tail
  • 13
    Adding glass eyes
    Show details
    • Video 31: Adding glass eyes on wire rods
  • 14
    Adding fur to the body PART 2
    Show details
    • Video 32: Covering the body: the back (part 2)
    • Video 33: Covering the body: the back (part 3)
    • Video 34: Covering the chest
    • Video 35: Adding long hair to the chest
    • Video 36: Covering the body: the back (part 4)
  • 15
    The Grand Finale!
    Show details
    • Video 37: Paw pads
    • Video 38: Ear accents
    • Video 39: Extra beard detail
    • Video 40: Finishing off the legs
    • A final word from me

What it's going to cost?

You can't put a price on pride. By the end you'll have a professional looking model that you'll love!